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Kalani Amsterdam is the brainchild of Reza Kalani, a young Iranian-Dutch designer with an undying passion for art and fashion; a creative individual who considers fashion as one of the most fluid and influential forms of art. From the very beginning, Reza’s focus has been on designing scarves, bags, and other accessories that defy the conventions of time and never go out of style.

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Kalani Amsterdam is the product of a love story between a designer and his hometown, Amsterdam. Starting out in 2014 with designing the brand logo, Reza Kalani has been paying a tribute to all splendid aspects of the city ever since, from its art and culture to its architecture and lively spirit. In addition to that, every Kalani product embodies the various interpretations of the word Kalani, making it the perfect choice for a woman of substance.

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The Kalani monogram is not a mere symbol; it is a delightful visual representation of all that Kalani Amsterdam stands for. The DNA of the monogram is the map of the city of Amsterdam constituting its four parts namely North, South, East, and West, a city that forms the core concept of the brand.



Kalani derives its greatest inspiration from the stupendous art and bustling culture of the Dutch metropolis. Reza Kalani has effortlessly combined rich baroque details from beloved Dutch artworks such as those displayed at the Rijksmuseum with sleek geometrical patterns reminiscent of Dutch architecture and landscape to create products that are unique yet quintessentially Dutch.

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The Iranian fashion designer Reza Kalani designs silk scarves inspired by the paintings of Dutch masters. The combination of grometrical designs and influences from painters such as Vermeer and Van Rijn make his designs wearable works of art.

UIT KRANT, Amsterdam




Every Kalani product possesses a distinctive design that is the fruit of intense passion and diligent labor. All Kalani elements symbolize and can be traced back to the Dutch capital in one way or the other. The diamond, for instance, is an emblem of Amsterdam’s remarkable value while the brand monogram characterizes the city map. And the cross-like integration of the elements is a representation of the three crosses on Amsterdam’s flag.


Kalani believes in settling on nothing but the very best for you. And this applies to every Kalani creation, from conception to execution. At Kalani, we work tirelessly to select materials and fabrics of only the finest quality in the preparation of all our products to ensure durability, longevity, and reliability.


Kalani Amsterdam is the flagbearer of unmatched craft and skillful technique and promises high quality and uniqueness in all items, be they scarves, ties, or wallets. All our scarves are hand-rolled to give them an artisanal finish and make you feel loved, not to mention add that extra special touch to any attire.




The chic designs of Kalani along with the brand’s fascinating story and core values make them the perfect Dutch memento for you and your loved ones. A top Amsterdam gift, every Kalani product is more than just a souvenir; it is a wonderful opportunity to bring home an extract of Amsterdam or share your love for the city and Dutch art with kith and kin.



Exclusive Collections

The Blue & Gold packaging is a magnificent combination of royal blue and gold, two warm hues that denote royalty and grandeur. All exclusive Kalani creations are luxurious treats that come in our elegant royal blue packaging bearing a gold label.

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Orange Collections

The Orange & Silver packaging exhibits a true Dutch outlook, orange being the de-facto color of the Netherlands with silver gracefully complementing it. All Kalani purchases other than the exclusive products arrive in our vibrant orange packaging with a silver label.





Kalani’s mission is to enable young Kenyans to break out of the cycle of poverty and transform it into a cycle of success. Kenya is full of strong and creative individuals who are eager to contribute to the world but cannot live up to their full potential due to a lack of basic needs. Kisiwa endeavors to fulfill those needs in various ways through food, education, and counseling to enable the bright youth of Kenya to change the future of their country. Kalani supports Kisiwa by donating a certain amount of its sales to the charity to play its part in this noble and humane cause.

Kalani Amsterdam is a conscientious brand that believes it is our responsibility to present opportunities to the

talented and less fortunate.

The Great Designer says: Freely you have received, Freely give!
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We hope you love Kalani Amsterdam and see it as we do:

a chance to bring some of Amsterdam home – more than

a souvenir, but also a piece of Dutch art travelling the world with you.

Made with love - Kalani Amsterdam