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Eslimi, an elegant pattern of curved stems, buds, and flowers, can be admired on Persian artwork and architecture. The origin of the Eslimi form lies in Parthian art. It uses sweeping and gentle curves. An art form with as much grace, history, and significance as Eslimi should be celebrated forever. Noticing the bare grey yet geometrical ceiling of the Rijksmuseum underpass, the designer envisioned it embellished just like the rich Persian Eslimi architecture. That was the starting point for the Eslimi scarf; employing the geometrical motif of the Kalani’s Diamond monogram and enriching its surface with the unique Persian Eslimi design. The print is quintessential Kalani: merging abstract designs with figurative elements, this time by integrating Persian and Dutch art and architecture. Stand out from the crowd with this extraordinary scarf that features geometrical Dutch patterns intertwined and adorned with the unique Persian Eslimi form which serves as the inspiration for this scarf.

Eslimi Scarf | Colorful on White