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Kalani Amsterdam's collection is inspired by various aspects of the Netherlands; it combines the lavish paintings of the Golden Age with the clean, geometrical patterns of its contemporary, metropolitan and architectural landscape. In some designs, the designer lifts precious details out of the paintings and overlays them with abstract shapes. The combination of baroque and abstract elements provides a striking contrast. In other designs, the story of the Netherlands is reinterpreted through a surprising combination of visual symbols. 

Kalani Amsterdam Logomark | KALANI ® Amsterdam Official


The ‘a’ Series is inspired by the Kalani Amsterdam logo and the Amsterdam canals, which became the beginning of the brand in 2014. 

The collection represents the original visual symbols of the brand inspired by Amsterdam.



Kalani Amsterdam is inspired by the Dutch masters of the Golden Age. These paintings are now part of the collection at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

Reza Kalani selects rich details from these paintings and overlays them with simple geometrical shapes.  


Compact in size, it’s surprisingly large in storage capacity. With its minimalist design and colors reminiscent of Amsterdam, such as the deep blue of Mondrian’s famous paintings, or the burgundy and bottle green of the traditional canal houses, this wallet is more than just a souvenir. It’s a chance to take home your own piece of Amsterdam.


Kalani Amsterdam is born out of a love story between a designer and his hometown, Amsterdam. The city’s history, its rich art, and  clean and simple architecture, combined with its spirit of innovation. These are the elements inspiring Kalani Amsterdam’s Exclusive Collections.

Card Wallet
'a' Scrarf
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We hope you love the Kalani Amsterdam Collections and see them as we do:
a chance to bring some of Amsterdam home – more than
a souvenir, but also a piece of Dutch art travelling the world with you.
Made with love - Kalani Amsterdam


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