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The word Kalani has different meanings: The Royal One, Loved by Many. The designer takes that as an auspicious interpretation as it is Kalani Amsterdam’s ambition to design such an elegant, beautiful, and unique scarf as will be loved by all women who wear it. The word also means The Heavens. In the eyes of the designer this is Amsterdam, a diverse city brimming with color and culture. Additionally, it means A Beautiful Woman. With the Dutch Queen Maxima as the designer’s inspiration, Kalani Amsterdam has used diamonds within the design, representing a woman of substance: elegant, intelligent, and graceful. Like you, the Kalani scarf is one of a kind: a unique incorporation of all the six original Kalani elements interlaced with one another in perfect harmony and balance, thereby aptly imbibing every meaning of the word Kalani in the scarf and giving you the freedom to be yourself.

Kalani Original Scarf | Exclusive Collection